Masters Communications
A leader in Analog, Digital, and IP Communications.
Test Equipment, Comm Systems, Engineering and.Solutions
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Warren PA 16365

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Test Equipment:
RLB1500 Commercial/Professional Return Loss Bridge and accessories.
Bird Wattmeter Signal Sampler  An inexpensive RF sampler for Bird Model 43 Wattmeters.

Communications Equipment:
Radio Adapters:
RA-35 Low-cost high-quality USB radio adapter - - kit or assembled and tested.
RA-40 Low-cost high-quality USB radio adapter with TX audio level controls - - kit or assembled and tested.
RA-42 Low-cost high-quality USB radio adapter with TX CTCSS GPIO - - kit or assembled and tested.    (NEW)

FL-10 5-Pole Audio Filter. (High-Pass CTCSS, or Low-Pass Splatter/Ultrasonic)

Crystal Heater:
CH-25 Crystal Heater - an alternative to temperature compensation in 2 Way Radio applications.

Noise Squelch and CTCSS Boards:
SC-50 Professional, yet affordable, analog noise squelch and CTCSS logic detector/interface.
MS-25 Professional analog noise squelch logic interface.
CT-30 Professional tone steerable CTCSS encoder / decoder.

MUX-25 Analog & Digital (DSTAR) Multiplexer.

DVM Products:
INADVM MMDVM Clone with several enhancements. (Offsite Link)

Passive antenna noise reduction system:
Static Buster  Antenna Static Dissipation and Corona Discharge Device.

Engineering and Solutions:
Electronic circuit engineering.
Custom PC board design, layout, and manufacturing solutions.

Third Party Compatible Projects:
MABEL is an interface and software that allows analog control of the Yaesu DR-1X repeater and access to the AllStar VOIP network with the Raspberry Pi3 and AllStar Asterisk. (Offsite Link)


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