Masters Communications
A leader in Analog, Digital, and IP Communications.
Systems, Solutions, Engineering, and Test Equipment.
218 Pennsylvania Ave. W.
Warren PA 16365

(814) 230-7143

Test Equipment:
RLB1500 Commercial quality Return Loss Bridge.

Communications Equipment:
CH-25 Crystal Heater - alternative to temperature compensation in 2 Way Radio applications.
SC-50 Professional, yet affordable, analog noise squelch and CTCSS logic detector/interface.
MS-25 Professional analog noise squelch logic interface.
CT-30 Professional tone steerable CTCSS encoder / decoder.
RA-35 Professional USB Radio Adapter. (REV2 production model now available)
FL-10 Professional 5-Pole Audio Filter. (High-Pass CTCSS or Low-Pass Splatter/Ultrasonic)
MUX-25 Analog & Digital (DSTAR) Multiplexer.

Engineering and Solutions:
Electronic circuit engineering.
Custom PC board design, layout, and manufacturing.
Static Buster  Antenna Static Dissipation and Corona Discharge Device.
Bird Wattmeter Sampler  An inexpensive RF sampler for Bird Model 43 Wattmeters.


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